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iPod, iPhone & iPad Specs - By Identifier

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Complete technical details on every Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad organized by identifier for your convenience.

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Apple iPod, iPhone & iPad Models -- By Identifier

Common identifiers for iPod, iPhone and iPad models are each listed below.

For example, the iPhone 4 can be identified by one of its US Order Numbers (MC318LL/A), its Model Number (A1332), its EMC Number (380A), its Model ID (iPhone3,1), and its official "Apple Subfamily" designation (iPhone 4).

However, please note that these identifiers often are not entirely unique, but still can be useful to track down a particular device. You also can lookup an iPod, iPhone or iPad by Order Number, Model Number, EMC Number, Model Identifier, or Serial Number.

Order Number

Model Number

EMC Number

Model Identifier

Apple Subfamily



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